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Banking Updates

March 20th, 2012 at 12:35 am

This is the third time I'm writing this entry. It keeps getting accidentally deleted. Ugh...

I'm still trying to transition from BOA to the credit union. Today I shut down my savings account that I had opened for a bonus a few years ago. It had about $28 in it, and was going to incur a $5 charge this month. So I closed the account and transferred the $28 to my HELOC.

I also moved a few more auto payments from BOA to the CU. Only one or two more to go. BOA was also listed as the account for any electronic tax refunds, so I'm hoping to be able to completely close it by the end of April.

I also merged two Chase checking accounts into one. I opened them both up for bonuses a while back, and use them to put aside money for my mortgage and property taxes, so they're not comingled with other money. Because my mortgage is with Chase and I autopay from a Chase checking account, I get a 1% rebate each year.

While I was on the Credit Union website, I checked out their mortgage rates. I have a 15-year 3.875% with Chase. Assuming my current payment schedule, I'll pay it off in February 2018. The CU had a 5/1 ARM at 3%, but I would only pay it off one month sooner. It would cost me .25 basis points and $3,000 in closing costs so it's not worth it.

I also checked their HELOC rates and saw that the rate was around 5%. I'm currently paying 2.74%, so I called Chase to see what their rates were. 4.5%. When I quoted my current rate, he said it was because I took my line out so long ago (pre-crisis), when rates were more favorable. So reluctantly I'll have to stick with BOA for my HELOC.

In other news, I finally received the 2 $5 Amazon gift cards I was waiting for. Took just under two weeks. My Amazon balance is now $35. I'm waiting for one more from Swagbux, and have enough points for another. That'll be 5 for March, so I'll need to accumulate toward April after that. Woohoo...

So it's all good. Slow and steady wins the race...

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    It's sad that banks no longer provide good services and great interest anymore. It's also a pain to change, but hopefully the CU will be helpful and hopefully interest rates will start to go up.

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