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Quick update

April 17th, 2013 at 02:28 am

So I ended up with bronchitis. I went on anti-biotics last Monday for 5 days and feel much better, but haven't gotten rid of the cough.

But I was hubby's birthday on Monday, so we went to his mom's for dinner and cake. Kids are back in school after spring break, so I feel like we're getting back to a bit of a routine.

I caught up on all of my April bills, and balanced my checkbook. Next step is to do my net worth as of 3/31. I try to do this monthly, but life gets in the way and it usually ends up being quarterly. I think the markets were up, so the numbers should look good. Not that it matters - most of our investments are in retirement funds and I've got many, many years until I see that!

Not much else on the financial front, but I did want to check in. I've been down to weekly posts, and need to get back in the habit of more frequent posting. I also hadn't been reading everyone else's blogs, so I'm caught up with that as well.

Sick :(

April 8th, 2013 at 11:11 pm

It's been a long time since my last post. No good reason, just excuses and plenty of them. Working back from today...

I've been sick, sick, sick since last Thursday with what turned out to be some sort of bronchitis. I finally broke down today and went to the emergimed. The doctor was in and out in literally one minute (nurse spent about 5) and out I walked with prescriptions for nasal spray, cough medecine, and antibiotics. I have to take the antibiotic with dinner, in about an hour, so hopefully will feel relief after that. In the meantime, I've been MISERABLE.

Prior to getting sick, I was working like a dog, making up for some time off when my brother was here. Does work ever slow down before you retire? I don't think so. Always trying to do more with less and stretch, stretch, stretch. Nobody wants to be the one that says "enough". (Including me; I appreciate my job)!

Prior to that we had a great visit with my brother's family, but I got nothing done while they were here. So worth it to see them!

On the financial front, we got the taxes back (don't ask). A bit better than we thought, but still a tough hit when you factor the estimated tax that's also due on 4/15 and the accountant bill. I'm hoping next year we'll be in better shape, as I've adjusted my withholding and estimated tax has increased. I'm just relieved it's behind me.

I need to work on the April budget, which I've completely ignored. Probably not tonight, but perhaps over the next few days when my meds kick in.