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Some "Cash" coming in

March 5th, 2012 at 10:50 pm

It's not quite cash, but it's close...

I had enough Swagbux for another $5 gift card for Amazon. That brings me to $20 so far this year. I'd like to at least keep pace with 2/month, but 3 or 4 would be better. (I've been trying to limit computer use during family TV watching time, so it's really put a crimp in this).

I also got back $26.50 in Staples Rewards. A lot of this was due to the free battery offer they always run (buy a 16 pack of Duracell AA / AAA batteries, free after rewards, limit 2). The way I go through batteries between the kids' stuff and remote controls, it's a great deal. I was planning on using the rewards next time I need printer ink, but I'm also interested in checking out some of those other ink places. Has anyone used them? The prices are great, but I'm not sure of the quality. Regardless, I will definitely find something to use the rewards on at Staples. And I'm a Premier Staples rewards customer (or whatever they call it), so the rewards don't expire for months.

On the "real cash" front, I received a rebate check for $12.49 that I had forgotten about, so that will get deposited in the bank and paid toward the HELOC. I also sold another cd at half. com (2nd one in a few weeks), and will net about $3 for that.

We have a big house project starting in a few weeks. We're getting sump pumps put into our basement. We don't have a huge water problem, but two or three times a year we get a few inches down there and the hot water heater comes THIS close to ruin. Anyway, as part of that project, we need to clear out all of the junk in the basement. I'm talking my kids' baby swing, Little Tikes kitchen, baby clothes, etc. (they're 11 and 13 now, so this clean up is WAY overdue)! We're going to get a dumpster and devote the next two weekends to it. Of course I'll keep my eye out for anything that can go on ebay, but I think it's pretty much all junk.

Other than that, I'm fighting off some bouts of spring fever. The winter has been incredibly mild, it will be 60 later this week. It's lighter out later and spring is in the air. Can't wait...

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You'll be thrilled with the sump pumps and getting some items cleared out. Excited for you!!

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