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Back from the Brink

March 2nd, 2012 at 01:04 am

So my crazy hectic work project FINALLY came to an end on Tuesday. We're still in the middle of some post-project craziness, but not quite as bad as it was.

My discovery of the week: Viggle. Have you heard of it? It's an app that lets you watch tv shows and trailers on your phone (and I suppose you can use it on your computer as well). You get points for each one you watch and can trade points in for gift cards. One of my friends has been feeding her Starbucks habit with it...Kind of like Swagbux tv, it runs in the background while you're doing other things (i.e., you don't need to actively pay attention). I'll see what kind of effort it takes to get the first gift card and go from there.

I need to pay the rest of my February bills and get cleaned up for March. I'm still working on transitioning everything over from BOA to the credit union. Super slow process.

So slowly transitioning back to some normalcy, but it'll take a bit of time...

4 Responses to “Back from the Brink”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Viggle sounds interesting. Do you get any credit for referrals?

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    I'll send you an email...

  3. Jerry Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Viggle! I will see if it will work overseas... Hulu and some of the others do not offer any insurance of service if you are living in certain parts of the world, and it leads us to miss out on a lot of the stuff that we would like to catch.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    OK Smile

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