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Spring Fever

April 15th, 2011 at 08:51 pm

I'm not quite sure why I have it, but I do! It's only in the upper 50s, but sunny, and after all of the miserable weather lately, I'll take it. It also felt like a summer Friday at work. A lot of people were out or left early - a total ghost town. I took advantage of the quiet to get organized at work (I'm on a kick there too), and it's left me totally inspired.

I paid a few of Those bills today - you know, the ones you don't really remember until they're due? I signed the kids up for religious ed next year ($145), and signed DD up for a week of camp at the end of June ($125). Didn't have either of those planned, even though I should have known.

Hubby is going out with the guys tonight, so I'll look at the finances and plan out the rest of the month.

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