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December 31st, 2008 at 02:46 am

I updated the list of debts on my sidebar so they're all current. The mortgage is a 15-year fixed @4 5/8% that we still have about 9.5 years left to pay. The car payment is a 3.99% with 1.5 years left to pay. The HELOC is prime minus 1/2%. This is the killer for me. We used the money for a capital improvement on the house, but the balance has just been sitting out there for a while and I'd really like to get it paid off.

I also updated the Piggy Bank line. I always put my loose change into the bank. I'm going to keep doing that each day. Also, any additional, unexpected money I make (1/ and the like) will go in there too. We're going on vacation in July and I'd like to put the money toward that.

There are quite a few articles on MSN Money about different legitimate ways to earn $100/month. I'm not sure I can take advantage of any of them, but I would like to more seriously think about how to raise a few extra bucks. I need to relist my books on 1/ because my inventory expired, post some things on ebay, etc. I'll check out some more ideas and try to get creative.

Surprisingly, I haven't gone nuts with the New Years Resolutions (I usually do). I'd like to commit to getting to the gym 3-4 days/week and get back to following Weight Watchers. Financially, I'd like to be able to survive hubby's career change with as little sacrifice as possible. I think if I keep it to just those 3 things I should be able to focus.

Here's something that should help: Just got a notice from work that if you get your cholesterol/sugar/blood pressure/weight tested and complete a health form about it, they'll knock $120 off our April medical premiums. This works out perfectly because I was due for a physical anyway, so I'm going to schedule my appt for late January to give me a few weeks to drop a couple of pounds and watch my cholesterol. Easy way to save $120!

All in all I'm pretty much at peace going into 2009. Life is good...

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  1. Amber Says:

    A $120 for prevantive care? that is great I would do it

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