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Tying up loose ends

December 19th, 2008 at 02:30 am

I've been on the site sporadically this year, but looking over my posts I feel like I need to tie up some loose ends. Also, a few random musings.

I'm on the equal payment plan for my utilities. After keeping the house at a chilly 63 degrees during the day (66 from 5-10pm), and using the thermostat timer religiously, I ended the year with a $67 credit. So I thought that my new monthly rate would drop $5 or so, from $250/month to $245. It went UP to $267/month!!! Apparently they factor in other things, including expected rate increases, avg. temperature, etc. So I guess it would have been even worse if I didn't cut back, but yipes.

I fared a bit better with my electric bill. That was also $250/month. I ended with a $95 credit, and my new monthly rate dropped to $242. Still ridiculous, but at least headed in the right direction. I have a second refrigerator and freezer in the basement. I use the freezer quite a bit, but am thinking of disconnecting the fridge after the holidays.

Some good news...we're using my company's health benefits in 2009. Our monthly premiums are dropping $65/month versus hubby's plan, with similar if not better benefits. My Rx plan is also much better. I take one medecine that I get mail order for $74 under hubby's plan. Because it's a generic, a 90-day supply will only cost me $10. DS takes a medecine sporadically, which I also order through the mail. $100 under hubby, about $32 under mine. So I'll be saving a few hundred bucks from all of that.

I'm saving a bunch of money on Christmas pictures this year. I like to get professional pictures of the kids done each year, plus I usually send out the picture of the two of them in my Christmas cards. This year has been so nuts that I haven't even done cards yet, and never got their pictures done either. I usually go to Sears or JCPenney and get screwed, because their portrait packages are only good for 1 pose. Because I get each child individually, plus 1 together, that counts as 3 poses, so I don't get any of the deals.

Wednesday night, my daughter was dressed up for the school chorus concert, so I dressed up my son and took a picture of them in front of our Christmas tree. Sent the picture to and got 40 wallets for the Christmas cards for $10. Then today, my daughter was off from school for her doctor appointment. Afterwards we went to Sears and I got a package of her pictures (1 pose) for $9.99. I'll do the same with DS next week, then bring them both, spending $10 each time. Grand total: $40. In years past, it's been $200-$400! What a waste...

The next week will be nuts. I need to get my cards out, finish shopping, and wrap the gifts. Tomorrow is DD's birthday, so I need to wrap her gifts too. We're having a party on Sunday for some friends (requires menu, shopping, cooking and cleaning), and I'm hosting Christmas for 12 (requires menu, shopping, cooking and cleaning). No complaints - it's all fun, great stuff. Just busy. Snow's coming too...

That's enough rambling for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

2 Responses to “Tying up loose ends”

  1. Amber Says:

    Why do you have a second refrigerator? Good idea using walgreens for your pic and I bet they turned out great

  2. Koppur Says:

    Great idea on Walgreens for the X-mas pics. I like their picture services, the pics always come out nice.

    And a big WHOO-HOO for the great savings on switching health insurance!!!!!

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