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January 18th, 2007 at 10:37 am

OK, Christmas stuff is down, holiday dishes put away, etc. (The boxes are all in my living room...I'm going to have hubby bring them downstairs when he gets home!). Big sense of accomplishment there.

I sent in for a Musselman's rebate. It wasn't actually a rebate, instead I got a $3 check good toward my cell phone bill (?!). Sent it in and saw that it was applied to my account today, so that's progress.

I also had to follow up with Chase. I got an offer in our local Val-Pak (coupons) for a $10 check if I paid 3 bills online. So I did that back in September but still haven't received the check. They're researching it and will get back to me.

The other big financial thing is my ongoing battle (may be too strong a word) with Oxford, our health care company. My son is getting speech therapy. I paid $350 for the initial evaluation to a doctor still listed as in-network (so it should only have cost $20). Now, he goes for weekly therapy, with an out-of-network doctor (that they approved at in-network rates, because they don't have a doctor in-network that can do it). She charges me $100/half-hour, and I'll need to submit her invoices to be reimbursed. Again, it should only be my $20 copay, but I don't know if they consider $100 Reasonable and Customary, so I have to see what the deal is there...I hope they resolve it soon, because it's costing me big $$.

So that's the deal for the day.

5 Responses to “Oxford”

  1. threebeansalad Says:

    Good luck with the ebay sales! I'm pretty new to eBay myself. I had four auctions ending today, but only 1 item sold. I decided to re-list 2 of the non-sellers with a lower price. Let's hope 2nd time is a charm!

  2. jodi_m Says:

    Just butting in here...can you get speech therapy through the school instead, at no cost to you? My son had it through Early Intervention, and it is quite likely that he will need it when he reaches pre-schoool/kindergarten too. We fully expect the school to provide it. I know your son is a bit older, but shouldn't the school provide that service for him? It sounds terribly expensive. Our therapist (not a doctor, though) charged about $60-70 per session (about 45 minutes), paid for by the county through EI. Of course, we're a small rural town too - might account for a bit of the difference right there Smile Anyway, good luck with everything.

    I popped on over to hotcouponworld.com last night for the first time and saw your blog there - cool site, but way too much to take in on one visit!

  3. mjrube94 Says:

    He is eligible through the school, and we're pursuing that also. The problem, quite frankly, is that the school seems less than enthused about providing the services. He's not at all affected academically or socially (at least yet), so they don't see it as such a big problem. I understand these programs are costly for the school to provide, so I think that's why they're hesitant.

    Although I'm not nuts about spending all of that money, I take comfort knowing that our therapist has my son's best interest at heart. When the school finally begins providing services (hopefully next month), she can also help keep tabs to make sure they're coordinated in their therapy, which will hopefully reduce the total time he needs it for. We'll see...

  4. jodi_m Says:

    Good luck with everything - yes, these therapies are expensive, but it is the school's responsibility. In my work, I just found out that a little boy on my caseload was not receiving the physical therapy he was entitled too - we are working with the school to get it ASAP. I hope the school comes through for you and it sounds like you've got a great therapist!

  5. tener Says:

    Good luck on everything... with ebay be sure you use the right title, write a good description, include real images of the item.

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