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You think you know a person...

November 17th, 2006 at 04:41 am

It's funny to read the lists and see how close my impressions of everyone were...Here's mine:

1. I'm a follower, not a leader. Hence my decision to wait until all of you posted your list before I posted mine.
2. I use ... alot.
3. Jane Eyre is my favorite book. The first time I read it (in high school), I stayed up until 4am to finish it.
4. Ferris Bueller is my favorite movie ever. I know the entire thing by heart!
5. I'm the youngest of ten, hubby's an only child. (Opposites attract).
6. I'm 100% Irish and hubby's 100% Italian. (Opposites attract).
7. My brother (5 years older than I am) hated me growing up. We fought like cats and dogs. Now we vacation together every year.
8. I used to run varsity track and cross country in high school (before I discovered beer!)
9. I have a really varied taste in music. My favorites are Tom Petty, Jimmy Buffett, and Bob Seger.
10. Both of my kids have the same name as my previous bosses at work, though I didn't really plan it that way.
11. When I'm not dressed up for work, I'm home in sweatpants, a T-shirt, and my hair in a ponytail.
12. The only makeup I own is lipstick, and I never wear it.
13. My middle name is Rita. I have no idea why.
14. I curse more than I should.
15. My big talent in 4th grade was gargling songs with water.
16. My nickname in college was Chuckie, because I looked like the character from the horror movie, with red hair and freckles!
17. My parents were 44 and 46 when I was born.
18. I'm totally organized at work and totally disorganized at home.
19. My oldest sister had twin boys on my 1st birthday.
20. I hate greeting cards and wrapping paper. Two of the biggest wastes of money ever (imho).
21. I never saw the Godfather, or Star Wars.
22. I love all puzzles. Sudoko, Kakuro, and crosswords are my favorite.
23. I'm great at math and english, horrible at science, history, and languages.
24. Hubby's a chemist. I have absolutely no idea what he does.
25. I have no artistic talent whatsoever.
26. We're big Dallas Cowboy fans. Went to Dallas on our honeymoon on the way to Hawaii to see the Cowboys play the Giants on Monday Night Football.
27. Went back on our 1st anniversary, and were next to another couple who were there on their honeymoon.
28. I think New Years Eve is the most overrated holiday ever. I've only had one stellar one in 36 years!
29. I love sports and hate shopping. I tell hubby that's why I'm such a catch!
30. I'm pretty cynical.
31. Love Connection with Chuck Wollery was my favorite show in college.
32. I love to cook gourmet meals and eat them with a glass of wine (or two)!
33. I love watching David Letterman and I met Jay Leno 20 years ago (before he was big).
33. I think I'm pretty fun.

I've really gotten a kick out of reading everyone's lists!

11 Responses to “You think you know a person...”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Wow. I come from a family of 9. I am 100% Irish( I had no say in the matter).Smile Seeger and Buffet are great. If you are Irish and your middle name is Rita it may be because your first name is Mary. I have so many aunts who have the first name of Mary that we refer to them by their middle name. Thus aunt Katherine, Edna, etc.....

    Mass confusion is caused by yelling out "hey Mary" at an event full of Irish women!

    You sound like one of my sisters!EEK!Smile

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    LOL! PricePlus, my oldest sister is named Mary! Do you think there's anyway that name would last through 3 other girls until it got to me?

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    I had no way of knowing how many sisters there were!Smile In an Irish family it would be rare for the youngest daughter to be named Mary! The name is usually taken early on!Big Grin You can be sure that it will be used again as a middle name!WinkSmile

  4. janH Says:

    I loved your list! Thanks for the smiles! Hubby is with you on the Kakuro. And I love.......too!

  5. monkeymama Says:

    My kid has the name of a previous boss too - lord knows why - hehe.

    #20 - oh you sound like my dh - hehe. He is converting me. I Agree on the cards, but paper is fun and pretty. But I have been using newspaper a lot lately...

    Chuckie is quite the nickname - hehe.

    Oh yeah... I love ...

    Thanks- enjoyed!!

  6. tinapbeana Says:

    18. I'm totally organized at work and totally disorganized at home.

    YAY i'm not the only one!

  7. Ima saver Says:

    Hey, I am irish too!! My girlfriend and I recycle cards we send each other. We use post it notes and don't sign the cards. Then we can send them to others.(put them in larger envelopes)

  8. Broken Arrow Says:

    You know, I've never seen the Godfather either. It's just one of those things that I've always meant to, but never got around to do.

    And I'm certain that 9 out of 10 guys out there would enthusiastically and whole-heartedly agree with #29. Too bad you're already taken, eh? Wink

  9. fairy74 Says:

    #31 you crack me up, I used to watch that show just to see if Chuck's hair ever perceptibly moved---it didn't!

  10. paigu Says:

    I hate generic greeting cards, too. I told my mom it would be ok for her not to send me bday cards, but she insists so I just give them back to her, she reuses them (with slightly different message) each year.
    Incidentally, my friends are HUGE into appearance, so they cringe a bit when they give me their huge maxxed out cards and I hand over a folded slip of paper. heh.
    ALL my New Years Eve's have sucked big time. Friends/BFs have made me "do" Times Square, goto a rave in London, swanky lounges, clubbing in HK- boring boring boring. I'd rather be home in bed.

  11. jodi Says:

    21. My DH is AGHAST that I won't sit down to watch the Godfathers, Star Wars, or Rocky movies with him. I just don't care. He does not see how it can be possible for anyone to NOT care about those movies!
    28. I don't care too much for New Years either. I didn't put this on my list, but my least favorite New Years was spent purchasing lice shampoo and sitting, while watching the ball drop, with it soaking on my head after I found out that I had caught head lice (in my VERY long hair) from some kids at the shelter I was working in.'s just never been that great of a holiday for me either!
    You sound like a blast...thanks for sharing!

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