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Walgreens Rebates

July 9th, 2006 at 08:25 pm

Wow, did I make out like a bandit at Walgreens, taking advantage of their monthly rebates and in-store specials. Here's what I got:

1) Kotex maxi pads - Spent $10.47-$2 coupons-$10 mir. So I "made" $1.53, in addition to getting the 3 packages.
2) CuraHeat 2 pack. $3.99 far.
3) Herbal Essence hair spray $3.99 far.
4) Sunsilk conditioner - $4.49 far.
5) Glade 2-in-1 candle - on clearance for $1.79-$2 coupon = free.
6) Maybelline lipstick - on clearance $1.59-$2 coupon = free. This last one reminds me of someone's post where they were questioning how long the makeup sits on the shelf. I'll contact Maybelline on Monday to see how I can tell; otherwise, I'll use it right away.
On top of all that, if I get the rebates in the form of a Walgreens gift card (as opposed to cash) I get a 10% bonus, for another $1.25. They were also missing a few things I was looking for, so I'll try to track them down over the next week.

Then I went to Eckerds and fared pretty well:
1) Schick quattro blade 4 pack: $10.99-$1 coupon-$6 mir = $3.99
2) Tom's toothpaste $4.29 (*2)-$2 coupon and $1 mir = $2.80 each.
3) Aquafresh - $1.99-$1 coupon-$1 mir = free.
4) Butler oral care products - $1.19-$1 coupon-$1 mir: I "made" $.81.
5) Revlon nailpolish: $2.99 far
6) Birthday cards B1G1 $1.29.

So a great shopping day for me...Used $6 worth of coupons from the trains, bringing my coupon train savings up to $39.24.

Aside from getting this rebate thing down, I actually noticed two tearpads with coupons. Yesterday at the supermarket I saw $1 off meat with purchase of 2 participating Kraft products, and today I saw $1 off Tom's toothpaste. I ripped off a few of each to include in the trains, but was just happy I even noticed them. Usually I'd pass them right by.

Hubby took the kids to his mom's for the day, so I was able to shop in peace (which is probally why I did so well!). I need to make a few phone calls and finish up with the coupon train before they get home.

We had a great weekend. My sister came Friday night and brought a ton of food with her. I'm enjoying the leftovers tonight. We had other friends over on Saturday, and I'll enjoy the leftovers from that tomorrow!

I'm looking forward to a pretty busy, but quiet week. Hubby has a dinner meeting tomorrow, and an overnight trip on Wednesday. I've got some organizational/housekeeping type things to do (as always!).

1 Responses to “Walgreens Rebates”

  1. flash Says:

    Can you use the MIR on the Herbal Essences too? Came in Sunday's circulars. I've got an extra.

    Can't wait to see what you found!

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