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Flexible Spending dilemma

January 20th, 2006 at 08:06 am

I don't know if it was the three day weekend or what, but this week absolutely flew!

I'm looking forward to another quiet weekend. Today we'll go to the park after school (high near 60 - can't believe it's January!). Tomorrow, hubby is taking the kids to his mom's after DD's basketball practice. They're staying for dinner, which means I have the whole day to myself Smile! I scheduled a massage using the gift certificate I got months ago (can't believe I haven't used it yet), so the tip will be the only money out of pocket. Sunday, we're staying home, watching football and using my crock pot (chili maybe?).

I need to go to CVS, probably today, but everything will be reimbursed through my FSA. I'll also try to hit the grocery store on Sunday so I can go without the kids.

I need to figure out what to do with my dependent care Flexible Spending Account. I signed up for the maximum $5000, knowing that I would come in just around there. (DS has 6 months of preschool in 2006@$655/mo, DD has 6 months of after-school care 1 day/week @$87/month, and they both were to have 1 day of after-school care Sept-Dec at $165/mo). That would have totalled $5112, plus any ad hoc after-school care uses thrown in (where I pay per day).

However, I'm starting a new job at my company in the middle of February. Although I'm not quite sure what the new schedule will be (I'm part-time), I don't think that I will need the after-school care on a regular basis beyond March. That means I'm only guaranteed to use about $4200, between DS's preschool and the after school care Jan-March. Although I'll definitely continue to use the before/after school care on a drop in basis, I don't think I'll use it enough to make up the $800! Usually, you can't change your FSA totals unless you have a qualifying change in status. I'm not sure if moving from one part-time situation to another counts. I'll definitely need to look into it though, so I can adjust if I need to. At least this is happening early enough in the year for me to react...

So that's about it for now. Have a great weekend everyone!

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