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January 19th, 2006 at 07:00 am

Today's ramblings:

1) My January electric bill came in at $114.40. My goal is $135/month, but the fact that I came in under is a bit deceiving. The $135/month is an average, and my electric use goes up considerably in the summer due some to air conditioning but mostly the pool filter. Hubby has it running 10 hours/day, I think. I know there's a calculation one can do based on the number of gallons in the pool that says how much it should be running. I need to find that before the summer to make sure we're not running it too much. Anyway, I need to build up enough of a credit balance before the summer hits so I can keep to my target.

2) Gas (for the car) spending is going well this month, too. So far, I've spent $251.69/$350 budget. I think I should be able to stay within budget, and this isn't even counting the Shell rebates I'll get.

Overall, I think this should be a good month as far as sticking to the budget. I'll need another week or so before I'm totally confident of this, but so far so good.

1 Responses to “Ramblings...”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Re: item 1. A win's a win. Smile

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