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Fun Weekend

August 29th, 2005 at 02:54 am

We had a great time this weekend. Friday, as expected, was spent going to the library to pick up a few videos (10 minutes before closing!) then to the ShopRite to pick up some groceries. The kids were extraordinarily well behaved, probably because they were so excited about the videos!

Saturday, we stopped at grandma's, had lunch, and dropped the kids off for a sleepover. Then hubby and I went to an Octoberfest. What a great time! The weather was perfect, food was great, and beer top notch (real German beer from a tap - yum). We spent much more than I thought we would (about $60 - mostly for food and souvenirs) but we had a great time.

We also got a great deal at Circuit City on Saturday! Hubby has wanted a TIVO for our DirectTv system for a while, so I bought some discounted CC gift cards. When we got there, they were offering a Samsung Tivo recorder for $99.99 with a $100 mail-in rebate, including existing customers! We also got the necessary cables and a new phone, which we also needed, with a $15 coupon and the discounted cards. Good day all around.

On Sunday we slept late (much needed) and headed back to Grandma's. We went to Kohl's to do some back to school shopping for the kids, with a 15% off coupon and my 20% off giftcards. (She also paid for 3 outfits per kid, which really helped). So I walked out spending about $70 total.

I also had the opportunity to go through all but one of her bookshelves, and found some more books for So I went to the website and sold a bunch of books for $59.05. Totally psyched - it will be going out tomorrow.

After we got home, I took care of all of the PTO stuff, and checked the water heater info. Much to my dismay, the energy factor on the heater was only .58, and it needed to be .62 in order to qualify for the rebate. SO we're out $50, but at least I did the legwork and tried.

My other chore this weekend was to take care of the Sharebuilder accounts for the kids. I'll be doing that tomorrow. Also, I was going to look into the bank bonuses but, duh, the banks aren't open after 12:00 Saturday to call with questions, so that, too shall wait....

All in all a good weekend. I'm looking forward to getting to September 1. August was a tough month, and we're going to end it way over budget, but I think we can regroup in September.

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