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Getting organized this weekend...

August 26th, 2005 at 05:25 pm

I need to spend some time this weekend tying up some loose ends...I finally received the form for the water heater rebate. I need to fill it out, which I was all set to do today, except that I need the serial # and model # which of course I don't have. Also, I have a bunch of paperwork from our PTA that needs to be filled out before school begins, so I want to take care of that ASAP so it's not hanging over my head. Third, as part of my $5000 challenge, I want to open up sharebuilder accounts for my 2 kids ($50 bonus each), but I don't have their social security #s committed to memory, so I need to do that when I get home. Also related to the challenge, I printed out a bunch of different "free money from banks" offers. I've already prioritized them. Now I just need to follow up with some calls to get answers to a few questions I have. I have the set of chemistry textbooks to box up for, and some more books at mil's house to check out. This is all in addition to the usual laundry, cleaning, filing, etc. that I always need to do.

We're going to stop at the library on the way home so the kids can borrow some DVDs/tapes. Then I need to get to ShopRite for this week's grocery shopping. Normally, I'd be so psyched that I made it to Friday without needing to go that I would bag it until the following week (and save the money). However, 3 of the kids' absolutely favorite cereals are on sale (and I have coupons). Cereal is so unbelievably expensive and I hate to pay full price for it, so I need to get over there to pick some up. I have a few other things on the list as well, but am hoping to keep it around $50 or so. Given that I'm going so late in the week, I'm hoping that maybe I can avoid going next week! The rest of the night will be dinner at home and just hanging out.

Tomorrow, we're going to MIL's house in the morning. She needs to go grocery shopping, and wants to go pick up some outfits for the kids back-to-school! (Gotta love that! - she spoils them). Then, the kids will stay with her for a sleepover while hubby and I go to an Octoberfest with some friends. Sunday is supposed to be a good-weather day, so we'll try to go bike riding at the park.

I just checked my account with the electric company. I'm on budget billing, and pay $131/month. I currently have a credit of $67 (meaning my actual use has been $67 less than what they've billed me for). This has come down significantly in the last two months due to our overuse of air conditioning. I need to buckle down now so I can build the credit back up before they rebalance the account in November. I would love to get it under $120/month, but that would require a credit balance of $121, and I'm not sure I can get there from here in that short a period of time. You never know, though...

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