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More potential $$

August 25th, 2005 at 02:48 pm

So I'm still on my kick. I have literally looked at every book in my house and plugged in the ISBNs to see how much (if anything) I could get. Aside from the $40+ package I sent out last week, I only have a few more books, each for $1+ that I could get rid of. So then I moved on to MIL's house. My husband has kept every single chemistry textbook from his college days (15 years ago) and literally has not touched them since. (My inlaws and husband are both pack-rats supreme - I think they were squirrels in another life!). So when I dropped off the kids this morning on my way to work, I wrote down all of the ISBNs for 1 shelf of textbooks and plugged them in when I got to work. Of the 14 I entered, I can sell 5 for a total of $40.38, including one for $17 and one for $7.04. Given that these things have been sitting around collecting dust for more than a decade, this seems like a pretty good idea to me. I ran it by hubby a few minutes ago and he's all for it. I'm encouraged...he has another 5 bookshelves of stuff there that I can go through!

Other than the usual tolls, parking, lunch, I had a no-spend day. I picked up the kids after work and we hung out in the pool. It's been great weather here - really autumn-like. I'd take 365 of them if I could. So no need for AC! Today will also be a no-spend day aside from commuting and lunch. I need to make a deposit in the bank, and I need to convert currency back to $$ (hubby was supposed to take a trip earlier this month, and it was cancelled so I need to get my $ back). Grocery shopping will wait until tomorrow!

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