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Double Car Payment

August 24th, 2005 at 02:31 pm

Ouch. I had to send in the first car payment for the new car I bought last month. It was due on the 26th, so I sent it in on the 18th or so. At the same time, I also filled out the form to get the amount automatically withdrawn from my checking account. Usually it takes some time for them to get everything set up, but not this time! I went on my bank's website today and saw that the automatic debit took place yesterday. Meanwhile, my check is still out there, about to be cashed, meaning I will have paid twice this month. I don't want to put a stop payment on the check because that costs $20-25. I'm not in danger of bouncing it, so I figure I might as well leave it and look at the bright side - at least my loan will be paid off one month sooner! Still a shock when a few hundred dollars comes out unexpectedly.

Edited to add: Called the company to see if there was anything I could do about the double payment. They explained that the ACH debit was them processing my check, so there was only one payment coming out after all. Phew. She also confirmed that auto-withdrawal is set up to start on 9/26. That's a relief!

I've had a few quiet spend days. We went out for ice cream Monday after soccer, and again yesterday with some friends after a few hours at the park. Monday was about $10, Tuesday was about $5. I needed to stop into work last night to pick up something, and treated hubby to Starbucks on the way home. That's been about it. I need to go to the grocery store, but want to wait until later in the week. I also need to drop off some clothes at the dry cleaners...

Decided to (re)start my diet again today. Three things are pushing me: First, none of my clothes fit right, and I don't want to buy anything new right now. Second, I read an article in our local paper about how much money being overweight costs, specifically in terms of copays, rx, medical bills, etc. Finally, I need to go to my doctor for a yearly checkup, but don't want to go until I drop 10 pounds or so. (He's been telling me for 4 years straight to exercise more and drop some weight, and for four years I've been the exact same weight everytime I see him. Can't make it 5 in a row)! When I first talked to him about "dieting" (a term he hates) he recommended I shoot for 1600 calories / day while trying to lose, then 1800 when I'm ready to maintain. So today it starts. Had oatmeal and one cup of coffee (200 calories total for breakfast). Usually, if I get through breakfast, lunch, and snack using 800 calories, then I'm good to go with a normal dinner.

I have about as much luck with dieting as I do with saving money, so it will definitely be a challenge...

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