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My cup of tea...

August 17th, 2005 at 01:12 am

I just sat down to the computer after getting the kids to sleep, and my tea bag broke. I have a bazillion bits of tea floating around the cup. No big deal, relaxation postponed for another two minutes...

I'm back. The last two days have been relatively uneventful. Yesterday was payday for hubby and me, so I paid the bills and updated the budget. August marks the end of my biggest financial break: Two months of no preschool/afterschool/childcare costs for the kids ($942/month total). Bills will be sent in later this month Frown Normally I look forward to the extra cushion in the budget during the summer, but unfortunately this year they were sucked up by car trouble. Only 10 more preschool payments to go!!!

I've mentioned in a couple of places over the last few days. I finally sold the 10 books yesterday for $43.85! Now my only problem is finding a box to put them in and getting them to the Post Office. One of the books was a 15-year old chemistry textbook from DH's college days. We got $17 for it. Unbelievable. So I started going through the house today to dig up all similar items. (We've been in our house for 10 years, and they're in the same box in the same place today that they were when we moved in!). I found a calculus book that they would buy for $1.80. Not much (considering it probably cost me $60 back in school!) but what the heck! I'll shoot to sell some more books there next week.

We're having hubby's family over for a barbeque this Sunday. Should be 12 adults and 3 kids total. I've been doing a GREAT job with my grocery bill so far this month (only $142+ so far and the month is half over). I refuse to blow it for this get together. Fortunately, my mil will make a few things, others will bring dessert, which just leaves the main food and beer, and the food shouldn't break the bank (it's not filet mignon, afterall), and we should have leftovers for the early part of the week. You have no idea how excited I will be if our grocery bill is under $300 for the month! And while I'm at it, gas is currently on target to come in under $300. A few months ago, this would have really bothered me, but with the price of gas now, I'll be downright giddy if I can keep it under $300. (Though how pathetic that those 2 items alone are $600/month! What's wrong with this picture?)

Spending totals for the last two days:

Tolls: $2.80
Parking/Ferry: $22.00
Breakfast at work: $1.00
Lunch at work: $2.99
Child Care: $50
Housecleaner: $90
Lunch (T): $11.63 (Fast food with the kids)
Gas: $36.00

Total: $216.42 for 2 days

Thoughts on the above: Hubby and I both agree that the cleaning lady is the last luxury standing as we cut back on discretionary spending. She was coming every week (total luxury!) now we're down to every other. I know if I ever quit working I'll have to let her go, but it will be tough...Gas is still through the roof! And I can't leave my house without paying at least $1.40 in tolls on the Garden State Parkway!

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