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Happy Spring Day...

April 7th, 2005 at 08:15 am

It's in the 60's again today and sunny, sunny, sunny. I had to laugh yesterday. I worked late, so my husband left work early to pick the kids up from school. I called him at 5:00 and he told me he was at the park with all of the other town moms. We usually go to the park after school in the nice weather, and I could just picture him there chatting about what they were making for dinner, what stuff they signed the kids up for, etc. Ha!

I met my friends for dinner last night. We were supposed to go a while ago but bad weather forced us to cancel, so we went yesterday instead. You may remember that I spent the $25 I set aside to go out to lunch with my sister, so I had to buck up a new $30 for last night. It was a fun time, nonetheless, and next time we're going to one of the girl's houses.

I'm still going through the budget. The grocery store costs are a never-ending battle. It seems like everytime I have a few good weeks, a big whopping bill follows. It's just something I really need to devote some attention to. Now, eating out, which goes hand-in-hand with groceries on the budget, is another story. We've been averaging about $100-$150/month since September. On Thursdays, I work late, and hubby picks up dd from school. They go to TGIFridays for dinner each week. I don't want to ask them to stop it, because it's good bonding for them, so I've tried to cut the cost by getting TGIF gift cards on EBAY. (Saved 10% on the first try). Then, we usually go out once or twice a month as a family. I'll tackle this by going somewhere relatively cheaper (out for pizza?) or picking up some gift cards for other places (Chilis) that we might go to. I'm happy to say that we've really cut down fast food to once or twice a month (from once or twice a week!), although that money usually comes out of our allowance. Still, it adds up...

That's it for now. Have a great day!

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