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Followed-up on a few things

January 16th, 2009 at 04:25 pm

My mouth is feeling better. I called the dentist's office regarding the crown that fell out. She's going to send me the cement in the mail so I can mix it and put it back in. (Not sure how that'll turn out, but it beats a 3hr round trip). If I can't get it, no biggie. It's in the back of my mouth and not at all visible.

I took DD to the doctor today. No strep, thank goodness. Lungs and ears were clear, so no bronchitis and no ear infection. Just a virus. Nothing we can do but wait it out for a week or so and give her cough medecine to make her more comfortable. I'll add another $10 to medical savings, $5 for my copay and $5 for the RX. I can also add $109.37 for 2 mail order prescriptions. DS has an RX that used to cost $100 under hubby's plan and it only cost me $54.37. I have an RX that used to cost me $73.74 and it now costs me $10.

I'll submit all the receipts to my 2009 FSA tomorrow.

Speaking of FSA, I was successful bumping up my limit to $1000. I originally budgeted $600 for the year (not expecting the dentist bill). Because hubby left his job 1/2, that qualified as a change of status, and I was able to up it to $1000. Totally painless. I thought I'd have to fax over a letter that proved he left his job but nope. The rep just changed it right over the phone. Piece of cake.

I also finally got around to calling my auto insurance company. They already had both of us down as pleasure drivers (no commuting) so no savins there. I did change the deductible on the 2nd car to $1000 from $500. It'll save me about $42 for the year. I'm on an equal payment plan, so it'll save me as $3.81/month for the next 11 months. I still need to take the defensive driver class that AAA sponsors. It'll cost me $60, and it will knock off $120/year for the next 3 years, guaranteed (NJ law). The thought of spending an entire Saturday or two nights to go through the class doesn't thrill me, but for those savings, I really need to.

When I went to pickup the RX at CVS I got the $10ecbs that I was owed from a few weeks back, so I'm all caught up there.

3 Responses to “Followed-up on a few things”

  1. davera Says:

    I just found out that non-members can take the AARP online or classroom driver safety classes, and you can get insurance discounts for completing them. You need to check with your agent first to be sure. But the convenience factor and cost are great---$19.95 for nonmembers and $15.95 for members for the online version, and even less if you take the class in person at locations in many communities. They send you a certificate upon completion.


  2. Ralph Says:

    This is the first time that my NJ insurance company is accepting online courses, so I am taking the ImprovComedyTraffic School one. I was not about to go in person, but this is great, pretty painless. The hard part will be getting the wife and daughter to do it.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Taking the defensive driving course isn't that much fun or pain free, but the cost savings are sure well worth it! (Which reminds me, I really need to finish the online course I started - have about an hour left to go!)

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