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$23.08 spend day

February 9th, 2016 at 07:46 pm

I was all set to write that I had a No Spend Day. Then I remembered I bought 2 hard boiled eggs at work for breakfast this morning because I didn't have time to cook them at home. Shoot. OK, so I was going to write "$1.08 spend day". Then I remembered I filled up the gas tank for $22. So I'm at a "$23.08 Spend Day." I'm not very good at No Spend Days!

I received the $1.08 for another book sold to Chegg, so that will go into my snowflake total. Still waiting on the others. I'm also making a big deposit into my 365-day challenge. Hubby went on a business trip today and emptied his pockets of change. $6.32! I snatched that right up and will add that to the challenge Smile.

I took a vacation day tomorrow. Couldn't wait until President's Day on Monday. Looking forward to relaxing with the dog!

1 Responses to “$23.08 spend day”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    That sounds like necessary spending to me! It can be hard to skip many days without some spending. Enjoy your day off.

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