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Didn't-do list

January 10th, 2009 at 08:18 pm

My mother had an expression, "the road to he*% is paved with good intentions". That was her response any time we told her that we meant well, but something just didn't pan out. Alas, I thought of this quote as I looked at my to-do list from yesterday.

I didn't get to the post office. DD had a basketball game at 9:00, and DH was anxious to get down to his mother's for a visit so he could get home before the snow started. So I didn't get to take care of #1-4. I couldn't find any more receipts from 2008 to finish my 2008 FSA, so I need to call our pediatrician and ask her to resend our December bills, which will be enough to wipe out the balance. I'll call them Monday and take care of it as soon as I get them. So that wipes out #5. I was all set to take care of submitting 2009 FSAs, but when I went to my benefits website, I couldn't find the reimbursement page, so I need to call up and figure out where it is. So that's delayed until Monday. And I didn't get around to calling the auto insurance or putting away the Christmas stuff, although I'm still planning on doing that tomorrow.

So out of the 9 things listed, the only thing I managed to accomplish was to complete several loads of laundry! Always the optimist, however, a few good things still managed to happen:

1) I sold another book on 1/2.com (for $1.25), so I'll mail that out as well when I finally get to the post office.

2) DH returned a keg tap and barrel from our annual Christmas party and got the $70 deposit credited back to our credit card. We have one more to return from a different place, that we'll likely do over the next few days.

3) I wrote out the Smart Start rebate form so that's all ready to go into the mail, and I found a bonus $2 rebate for Baileys that I wrote out as well. (Stumbled across it, and the receipt with the keg deposit also happened to have the Baileys on it. I never have that kind of luck!)

4) While I was looking for my FSA stuff, I confirmed that my dentist participates in my new plan. I had a root canal around Christmas, and need to go back to the dentist for the crown this week. Not sure what the final out of pocket will be, but it'll help having him in network.

I also was able to log on to work and get a preview of my 1/15 paycheck. For the month, I'll be a couple hundred lower than where I was hoping to be. I'll need to rerun the numbers and see if we'll be able to squeak by on it, or if we'll need to tap some other money. Hubby received his vacation payout, which we put into an account with what's left of my bonus to use in case of emergency.

I also added another $.89 to the pig!

So the day wasn't a total loss. Onward and upward!

1 Responses to “Didn't-do list”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    Dont worry about your productivity....if I get 1 big thing done a day I am happy. never mind 3 or 9.

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