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No Spend Day

January 5th, 2009 at 08:25 pm

My big accomplishment for the day: I had my coffee at home and brought lunch into the office from home, so I got through the day without spending any money. Wahoo! We'll see if I can match that tomorrow.

I also (finally) mailed my gym reimbursement to my health care company. When I was under DH's benefits (in 2008), Oxford would give the member $150 and/or their spouse $100 every 6 months if they went to the gym at least 50 times in the 6 month period. I completed the 50 dates last August and submitted the reimbursement but it was never received (right). I finally (4 months later!) got around to resubmitting it, so with any luck, I should be getting the $100 within a few weeks.

I also called EZ Pass today. Hubby had a commuter plan for $38/month to go over the local bridge. Now that he's working from home, I called to switch to a basic plan. The lady told me that since he already used 1 trip this month (on Jan 2nd), she wasn't sure if she could credit me for the rest of the month but she'd try. This will be a difference of about $32, so I'm going to check back in a few days and see if she was successful.

I've been slowly taking care of alot of these housekeeping type items. On tomorrow's list: submit the remaining $30 or so in FSA claims for 2008, and submit a reimbursement to my credit card company for $150+ cash reward that I have from my points. Later in the week: I need to return a Christmas gift to Target and return a keg/tap from a recent party we had to get the deposit back. I'll be thrilled when all of these piddling little things are done!

2 Responses to “No Spend Day”

  1. koppur Says:

    They seem a pain, but all those little piddling things add up!

  2. homebody Says:

    I need to work on my HSA reimbursements. Thanks for the reminder! Hurray on the packing your lunch. I am bound and determined to do it too every day this month.

    I got up late and DH packed it for me. One of the things I do is I have frozen stuff I can just throw in my lunch pail with a piece of fruit.

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