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What would you do for $3?

January 3rd, 2009 at 08:47 pm

Tell me if you think I'm nuts. Apparently my family does! Yesterday I went to Walgreens and bought saline solution and visine, among other things. I had no coupons, so I paid full price (about $17 total). This morning, I was flipping through the coupons in the paper and I saw a $2 coupon for the saline and a $1 coupon for visine. So I told hubby that I was going to return it and repurchase it using the coupons. (It wasn't out of the way, as I was shopping for my dad today anyway, and going right past the store). Hubby said, "Is it worth all that just for $3?". Now, if I knew I would buy this stuff again before the coupons expired, I wouldn't have bothered but I never buy this stuff (only once or twice a year). So I did. The employees in the store didn't seem to think it was a big deal. Later tonight, I was having dinner with my dad and I told him the story. My dad is 83 years old and grew up in the Depression, so I figured he'd appreciate my frugality. His response: "You did that for $3?" (What do they say about girls marrying guys just like dear old dad?). I was so proud of myself!

Here's another example of what I did for $3 (or so). While grocery shopping for Dad, I was in the cereal aisle and saw a box of Kelloggs Smart Start cereal with a big "Try Me Free" banner across the top. So I bought it. And I'll send in the form with my receipt and get my money back. Again, the response: "Why'd you buy that? You don't eat that cereal." What the heck? I'll eat anything for breakfast, and if they want me to try it so badly, I'll oblige.

So am I nuts? Would you do either of these things (or more?) for $3?

I added today's purchases to my grocery spreadsheet. It's basically just an Excel spreadsheet. I list the item, size, date, store, cost, deducations for store coupons, mfr coupons and rebates, net cost and unit cost. That way I can compare prices for different sizes easily. I can also see how frequently I buy different things. We'll see how tedious it gets when I have a big grocery order.

A few other notes from today. I bought a belated Christmas gift from Chef Central today. I had a coupon for 25% off one item that expired 12/31. I went in on New Years Eve and they were out of stock on the item. So I talked to the manager, and he said they would honor the coupon when I came back. He wrote that on the coupon, dated and initialed it. I used it today with no problem. The item I bought was $149.99, so with the coupon, I saved $37.50. Lesson learned: It never hurts to ask. In the past, I would have chalked it up to my bad luck and paid full price.

Along those lines, I think it was HouseHopeful who called her bank to get a charge reversed when she accidentally paid her mortgage twice. Again, doesn't hurt to ask. I've done that with credit card companies when I've accidentally paid late and as long as you're a good customer, they usually waive it.

Only other spending today was gas for the car: $28+. My goal is $50/week ($25/car) for a total of $200/month. The $28 is high because dad lives about an hour away. It should go down from here.

I also managed to list about 2 dozen books on half dot com. I let my inventory expire because I never logged on (and went a while without a sale), so now I need to reenter everything. Not the end of the world, because it gives me a chance to see exactly what I have.

Have a great day!

8 Responses to “What would you do for $3?”

  1. Swimgirl Says:

    I would do BOTH those things for $3, if I had time. Good job! You'd pick $3 up off the ground, right?!

  2. veronak Says:

    I don't think you did anything wrong on either scenario. I have gone back to stores when I have forgotten my coupons.

  3. lizajane Says:

    I have done both those things and worse. I've even returned & repurchased for $2! For free after rebate items that have to be mailed in, I usually won't bother if it's just a dollar. Hunt's ketchup had that deal awhile back, and I debated for awhile, since it's usually on sale for 99c or so. I finally did it when I found a jumbo bottle somewhere and the rebate was for more than just the dollar.

  4. koppur Says:

    Totally would have done both!

  5. HouseHopeful Says:

    A lot of stores will honor price adjustments so it makes sense that they might consider honoring coupons/sales Smile And you're right, it never hurts to ask!

  6. homebody Says:

    So is the item listed on the left with the size, date, store, etc, across the top? That is what I am picturing. Then you could alphabetize the items, make it a small font and print it and carry it with you right? I think I am talking myself into it, so I would just update with the new price each time, or I could have a place to not it was "on sale".

  7. veronak Says:

    I always kept prices that were not on sale

  8. fern Says:

    I would have definitely done what you did, as long as it didn't make me spend more in gas money. Funny that your dad was surprised you went to the trouble.

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