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Zero Percent Credit Card

January 31st, 2006 at 07:08 pm

I'm pretty excited. Over the last few days I've received 3 offers for various 0% credit cards. I spoke with hubby about transferring the balance on our home equity line to one of these cards. The balance is currently $23,319, and our rate is 6.74% (and the Fed just raised rates!). Even with the tax deduction, it still works out to about 5%, so switching to a 0% card would be great. We pay in the neighborhood of about $135/month on the interest...I'd love to get rid of that while we pay it off.

Other than that I had a quiet day. I returned overdue library books to the tune of $4.20 (painful!). There was also a bookfair at DD's school, so we bought a few books there. Dinner was in the crockpot at 10 this morning (I love that).

That's it for now...

1 Responses to “Zero Percent Credit Card”

  1. R Kapadia Says:

    Would like to talk to you offline about your zero percent balance transfer of your HELOC for a story. Is there an email I can reach you at ?

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